Crystal Secrets to Anxiety , Panic Attacks & Grounding.

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Crystal Secrets to Anxiety , Panic Attacks & Grounding.

There is not a single market that goes by when I don’t get asked for crystals to help with anxiety. It’s a very rare person that hasn’t experienced  anxiety at one time or another. Whether you are stressed out or experiencing the mother of all anxiety attacks - there is one common thread that binds any form of anxiety ........ Being ungrounded!

I have a theory that in this modern day and age that our increasing exposure to electromagnetic activity - wifi- 5g in particular, which wack’s our systems out of resonance ultimately leading us to being unbalanced and not grounded. Maybe it’s a coincidence??  I’m no scientist, but with the increase in technology that more and more people coming to me with the same complaint?? No matter what all i know is anxiety levels are going through the roof and there are so many totally ungrounded people.


At the centre of our Earth is the core, which has two parts. According to NASA the solid, inner core of iron has a radius of about 1,220 km. It is surrounded by a liquid, outer core composed of a nickel-iron alloy. We are literally living on the worlds biggest crystal!

To which we are increasing being dis-connected. The shoes we wear, the lifestyles we live, the buildings we live in physically disconnect us with the mumma earth.


We are not helpless- we can take control of our anxiousness  using some simple tools and energy working techniques to help get grounded and take back some control.

Of course number one - take your shoes off and get outside your feet on the earth and hands in the soil. I don’t know a single person who doesn’t feel more ‘together’ grounded and in control after a session in the garden planting and digging in the earth!

Anxious ? Short of breath? Most probably you are breathing from the upper part of the respiratory system.  Short and fast, we just can’t get enough air in-freaking out and just not being able to breath. 

Have you ever seen extremely panicked people breathing into a paper bag - it slows the breath  and focuses on our body and into our breath away from our mind. 

Concentrating on the bag filling and slowly controlling the breath until you “come back into your body”. 

Breathing deep from the pit of your stomach through an anxiety episode really helps. Breath in the energy from mumma earth through your feet up through  your body up and around your auric system and back down into the earth. 

When we are in a state of anxiety all clarity of thought goes out of the window. We end up in our head space, emotional and spiritually disconnected. We need to get back “into” our bodies and this is where our shiny rock friends provide a fabulous energetic tool. Finding 4 senses to help get us back into a rational space. What can you see, what can you feel, what can you smell, what can you taste? Instead focus on the weight, the feel, the energy of particular crystals, this gives us something tangible to earth ourselves. Take our minds off our destress and gain a little strength and courage.

When under stress or duress our life force or aura tends to shrink in tight to our physical body as a form of life force protection. A low aura = low energy.  A large wide aura field can be 75-100, indicating a strong and powerful radiance. An average aura is 45-75 radiant and strong, a low aura 0-40, usually displaying its self low physical energy and introverted behaviour.


So what to do, what do you choose? Crystal ‘cures’ lets go straight to the powerful Grounding  and Protective Crystals . Id advise staying clear of the silicate family of clear quartz natural points, unless your doing bodywork,  an experienced crystal healer or a crystal grids ,as they can amplify the energy rather than disperse it if used incorrectly.






Smoky quartz 


These all ground, stabilise, connect with the earth and base chakras and align the body’s electromagnectic energy system. If you can only have one - Smoky quartz in particular seals and heals the aura, for grounding, positivity, strength and confidence.


Sodalite - properties  of calmness and mental clarity. Let its energy calm and ground and help you think through WHAT has pulled you out of balance. Knowledge is power - once you have realised your triggger its easier to employ techniques to avoid this happening again. 

Blue lace agate - place on The wrist pulse points to lower blood pressure. Centres and calms vibrational frequencies - by simply gazing into its gentle patterns we can get lost within its crystalline world. Helping us say rational and stop from verbally reacting or lashing out. It  calms the throat chakra and helps us to think before speaking. 

Chrysocolla - looks just like our planet mumma earth! If your heart Chakra is beating out of control - out of fear, or with a panic, or anxiety, chrysocolla calms and soothes. Also brilliant if you are frozen with fear, freaking out about public speaking or are an introvert and or have a fear of people and social situations.

Of course there are many more crystals with energetic layers which you may find more preferable. There really is no right or wrong as we are all so different. Using them can be as simple as having a crystal in your pocket, wearing an appropriate piece of jewellery or using the power of intention to create a crystal grid. As with anything to do with the mind and body. Please DO NOT use this as a substitute for professional help. See your health practitioner or doctor, crystals are meant to be used as energetic support. Our wellbeing really should be a combination of all the tools we have to hand.

Pop by my website for kits, wearable energy and individual stones , or see my Facebook page for events and markets you can find me very weekend.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you are needing a personal crystal prescription appointment online through Facebook and or Instagram. Where we can tailor make the exact personalised combination of crystals to suit your needs.

“Fairy Leonie’s Crystals”


Wishing You Crystal Blessings

Leonie xx


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