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Thanks so much  for joining and sharing the crystal love 💓 I thought I’d take the opportunity to introduce myself and what I’m about for those of you who don’t know me.

My name  is Leonie and I’ve been obsessed  with crystals since I was a child .

For 21 years I’ve been helping people shift energy with the magic of shiny rocks. An energetic matchmaker you could say!!!

I love love LOVE connecting people with the perfect tool, providing crystals for emotional balance , wellbeing, spiritual guidance all with a bit of fun, facts and inspiration. I also love sourcing the most amazing crystals & minerals ethically, sustainably sourced from around the world just for you! Every single piece has been handchosen with a specific energy intention in mind. If I don’t connect with a crystal you will not find it in my shops.

My golden rule is it must be useful and something that I would keep for myself. A little piece of me goes with every stone that finds its new keeper!

I am a simple person and like to keep things uncomplicated. With me there’s no fancy smancy rules and definately no crystal “bullshittery”.

Just friendly factual advice - a mix of science and spiritual. You have to know one bring about what I do - I am not a rock seller !

Yes I “sell” rocks but that is not what it’s all about - my aim is to help you to select the perfect stone that resonates with you and your energy needs. I am here to help you bring yourself into alignment, balance and harmony .

You can see touch and feel the crystal energy and personally chat with me every Sunday at the busselton markets. I can also be found at special events around the south west in my trademark purple van. Every Friday you can check Facebook for my event/ list of where to find me.


If you can’t get to me I have designed This an amazing website! Here you don’t need to even know the name of your crystal. Just type in the energy your looking for ie love, protection, wellbeing and suggestions for you to browse will  be provided.

Or perhaps you’d prefer the privacy and confidentiality of a personal appointment with me online to shop privately?

I offer messenger appointments which can be either video or message- whatever you are comfortable with. Where we quietly chat about the changes you are wishing to create in your life and together we will the perfect stone for you.

Ok I better wrap it up - yes I get excited and can talk /type for hours !!!

But that’s me and the crystals in a nutshell

If you’d like to be kept up to date with any special events and offers please feel free to message me your email address to join my “Crystal vibe tribe”

Once again thank you and crystal blessings xx

Fairy leonie💜

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