Crystal Conscious Consumerism.

As our country burns, it’s so very easy to feel overwhelmed and helpless. Whether you are “climate denier” or not. There is absolutely no way we can deny that our existence and way of living on this planet is changing and has to change. I have always advocated conscious consumerism and will always continue to do so. Now more than ever it is vital that we change our way of thinking how we act on this planet and also the way that we make our purchases. For this is where I see the future will lead us- less consumption- less waste. The damage that has been done can not be undone but its up to us to cut our contribution as much as we can on an individual level. What is they say? Every drop creates an ocean.

More than ever I feel the crystalline energy of the earth is a powerful resource that will be used more so into the future. If we look to the so called myths of the past –Lemuria, there could be some truth in the information about harnessing the piezoelectric properties of quartz for the good of our health and our planet. But that is a whole other subject for another blog!

The current use crystals within our everyday life is more than a few of us carrying rocks in our bra and popping them out under the moon for a cleanse. Minerals and crystals work their magic in our everyday technology- they are in almost everything that surrounds us in one way or another. The technology you are currently using to read this, our cars, electricity, everywhere you name it. They are part of our world and always will be.

The most mindful way that we can use this resource is first by using what we already have and recycling what can not be used. And second of all consciously making your purchases so that there will be as little impact as possible not only from the earth but also on a humanitarian level. Bringing this back to crystals-I see the words “ethically sourced” branded about loosely as a marketing point of difference. Honestly -at the end of the day some minerals and crystals are almost untraceable. There are certain minerals and crystals that are on my watch list. Mica from india is a perfect example -child labour, unregulated, poverty stricken towns who can not survive on this planet without the practice of unethical mining.  Batches were bought and mixed in with ethically sourced where there’s no tracability- its up to the wholesaler/reseller to choose whether or not they will purchase and supply a demand. Buying straight from the source can negate this. You can throw your hands up in the air and say I will not buy and mica.

But that’s not going to help as

  1. It’s in nearly every cosmetic on the market (eyeshadow, foundation, mascara etc).
  2. Most importantly the demand then stops and people starve.

Inroads are being made to regulate the industry but there’s a long way to go. Awareness is the key and trusting that your supplier is doing as much as they can to source from where they know to be right and true.

Education is the key, consciously make a choice not to support businesses you believe to have no standards and just selling a commodity.

We all have the power to make decisions and more than ever they need to be made wisely.

Fairy Leonie 3/1/2020

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