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Working with the inner child is a process that almost all of us need to do at some time or another. Whether it’s inner child past traumas, trying to recapture memories, or re-capturing your child like wonder.

let’s have a look at some crystals  and how to work with our energy centres to heal, rebalance and get back in touch with the child within ourselves.

How to Use Crystals Aid the Inner Child

Crystals can be a wonderful tool and energetic support to bring comfort , balance, healing and wellbeing. Please note they are not meant to be a replacement for any medical or psychological support so please see a health professional if needed.

To practically use the energy these are my top 5 suggestions

  • Meditating  with a crystal or gridding yourself with crystals whilst meditating.
  • placing crystals on the body - chakras
  • Carrying particular stones with you
  • Sleep with crystals under your pillow
  • Create a crystal grid


There are a range of crystals you might use, so please be guided by your intuition.

Chakra correlated inner child crystals

Those who know my crystal practises know I like to use my crystals in a practical way to shift energy - so here im prescribing specific recommended crystals for each chakra. Our foundational energies are set down in the first seven years of our life. In each of the first seven years of our lives, we energetically develop our root chakra (foundation) plus one of our other chakras. And at each age — 1, 2, 3, and so on, we have a basic human need we’re trying to get fulfilled. When these needs get met, the corresponding chakra tends to have an open set point. And if a chakra need doesn’t get met, that particular chakra tends have a more closed set point. So the older we get and the less work we do that particular chakra can remain blocked causing emotional and physical issues. This is why I believe using crystals really help to reset, rebalance and unblock every chakra is essential for a healthy and balanced life.

I like to find a quiet place start off with some deep breathing and an intention for the session. If you don’t have time to do this work try to go to bed half an hour early and try a crystal layout. You can either place the crystals physically on the chakras  or next to each chakra to the side of your body - some people even like to place them positioned under the bed or massage table

Before you get started

I always start every crystal layout by placing a grounding stone at the earth star chakra . Don’t know what that is ?Please check out my earth star chakra blogThis enables you to stay connected whilst working on the body and within the etheric realms



Place a Clear Quartz Crystal just above your head. If you are able to get a specific inner child formation quartz crystal that would amplify the energy even more!

Inner child Quartz are where a smaller crystal is embedded, even embraced within a larger crystal.


Inner Child can also be a type of Bridge where a smaller crystal (or crystals) penetrating and located partially in and partially out of a larger crystal. Both names, Bridge and Inner Child, are used interchangeably. Inner Child crystals I see are usually much smaller and penetrating more ‘out’ than ‘in ’ and they still have a feeling to me of going ‘within’.

Inner Child quartz crystal can help you heal and get in touch with your inner child (bridging the gap between your outer self and your inner self).


Clear quartz itself is a master healer and works With The energy of positivity and harmony. Lifting the dark clouds of the present and channeling in pure white light with The innocence of childhood.



Place an Amethyst Crystal on or next to the brow - the third eye chakra . Amethyst is also a master healer, it channels the energy of calmness, contentment and tranquility. Use it to Breathe in the energy and think of a time in the past where you felt tranquil, safe and calm. The trick is to recall this feeling every time you feel you need it- your crystal can work as a prompt by simply using it as a worry stone to reconnect to positive feelings.



Using crystals here are a huge  help to find the voice  perhaps we were lacking as children.  Crystals used here amplify courage, communication and the ability to speak your truth .

Blue Aragonite, aquamarine  or Blue Lace Agate here are both are good choices.
Blue aragonite in particular helps with “
hidden” emotions, slowly overtime releasing these weights to the surface to be faced. It  is a very special gentle yet powerful stone that is here to support emotional transitions. This stone will become your best friend in times of need as it will “soften” even the most hurtful emotions and events. Working with or carrying this stone daily will provide our aura with powerful vibrations.

The name Aquamarine comes from the Latin for ‘water of the sea.’ It is said to be the treasure of mermaids and carried as a talisman by sailors to protect against drowning. Aquamarine is probably the most powerful stone for stimulating, activating and cleansing this chakra.

Blue Lace Agate is a beautiful light blue stone that harnesses the power of the throat chakra. It neutralises spoken anger, counteracts feelings caused by being judged and encourages expression of thoughts and feelings. It has a soft soothing energy. It’s often said to be the most powerful blue stone for balancing, activating and healing the Throat chakra. Spiritually, Blue Lace Agate is closely linked to the angelic energies and expression of the highest spiritual truths.


Higher heart chakra or the Spiritual heart also known as the etheric heart.

This is the area where intent originates- Referred to also as  the thymus chakra. It is located in the upper chest, just above and to the right of the heart chakra, between the heart and throat chakras.

Also related to the immune system and has within it the patterning for your DNA, and your karmic design for this lifetime, also including past life information. It connects the emotions of Divine love, compassion, truth and forgiveness, with the area where language originates, allowing you to speak from the heart.

Crystals With the vibration of self forgiveness and compassion for ourselves and our journey are helpful in this area - rose quartz is great for a soft loving energy but there are other stones that can reach deeper emotional levels.

Kunzite is known as the woman’s stone- deepening the bonds of mother and child and in this case connecting to the child within yourself. Kunzite is also a healing stone to help you heal from past  heartbreak. It will show you how you can let go of the sadness, anger, bitterness, and resentment. It will remove all the negativity in your life and replace it with positive energies in a loving compassionate manner.

Alternatively Pink Tourmaline is a highly protective Crystal to use for childhood emotional trauma. It fills the heart with love , joy and happiness helping to connect to memories of joyful times.



Amber, citrine or sunstone. Using citrine here - clears out any problems and increasing confidence and feelings of personal power. Citrine can also help send that energy upwards from the chest to the crown chakra, gifting you everything you need to leap higher in this world.

Amber is full of organic bright energy that warms the heart. It’s no surprise that this balancing stone is closely connected to the sacral chakra and the solar plexus chakra too. Amber is a child of the earth and the sun and often carries traces of the ancient world into our present day. All of this weaves in wonderfully with its energy of age-old wisdom, natural purification, patience, clarity, and stronger decision making.



To my mind this chakra represents the inner child as it is related to fun, joy, creativity and freeDom. When your sacral chakra is healthy and in balance you generally enjoy life and have fun.  A healthy balanced sacral means You are able to give and receive pleasure and experience desire and excitement.  Connecting to your creativity comes easily. You have a good sense of self; displaying healthy boundaries and emotional intelligence. When your sacral chakra is healthy you are comfortable with your sexuality, sensuality and intimacy. You find it relatively easy to adjust to change and be flexible. And you can move freely and easily with grace.

So crystals that absolutely embody this are yellow calcite, carnelian, tangerine Quartz  as well as citrine.

Calcite - particularly yellow is an energetic amplifying stone, meaning that it takes a pinch of power and turns it into a potful of confidence and charm. One glance at this warm and glowing gem is enough to bring a bright burst of joy and fill you full of fresh energy

My top tip however to really reach the core - Place a Tangerine Quartz within the navel button and breath in the energy of its vibrancy into your being!



base or root chakra, you can use a Red Jasper stone or a piece of Ruby.

Red Jasper has a number of helpful attributes including helping you to set boundaries which may of been an issue in the past as well as helping to solve any problems you need to find solutions to.

Highly protective Ruby - bring an energy that encourages enthusiasm for life, to help you to cope with issues that are concerning you.

Pyrite (fools gold) takes its true name from the Greek word for fire, linking it to all those glorious connotations of flame, energy, and life bringing warmth. Pyrite is an awesome gem for tough times. It reminds us that hard moments and pressure can turn coal into diamonds and that challenges can be the perfect chance to remind yourself exactly what you are capable of. Connecting the sacral and the base chakras together keeps you grounded whilst revitalising and giving you  childlike joy and wonder.



Smoky Quartz, black tourmaline, shungite, hematite or magnetite are essential  at the earth star chakra when doing any energy work . Use this energy centre to keep grounded and connected to the earth whilst doing your energy work.



  • Respect the validity of the views of the inner child. Love your inner child show them in a loving way that they are very loved.
  • Allow yourself at last to step away from the inner child, as you accept who you are now.
  • Your full validation of who you are now, and the gifts and talents you possess, is important.
  • If you find you have anxiety or stress over any issue you discover that you are having trouble dealing with, you may like to use EFT or tapping to help you.



 If you have a Smithsonite stone, this can be used instead of any of the crystals mentioned above, at any position as it works well at all chakras. 

The same can go for labradorite or peacock ore as both are crystals of ‘transformation’ each realigns and rebalances all chakras



The final and most empowering step to healing your inner child wounds is forgiveness. For most of us it will come last, after we have worked through the other processes. This could be self forgiveness or forgiveness of others

If you have a piece of rhodonite or green calcite , hold it in your hand, to boost the vibration within yourself of forgiveness. The past can not be changed but we can learn from it - be gentle with yourself- none of us have the answers and it is this journey of life where we learn and grow every day.


At the end of the day every persons journey is their own and I encourage you To go with whatever you feel serves your needs,  until you reach a point where you can develop a loving relationship with the parts of yourself.

You are a child of the universe no matter what stage of life you are at. You don't need to completely resolve all the issues all at once, but by being proactive with the process for healing the inner child will help yourself to move to a better place emotionally.


Safe travels on the path to crystal healing

Crystal blessings


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