Deeper Pendulum Energy work. Using a pendulum for balancing the body’s energy

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Deeper Pendulum Energy work

Using a pendulum for balancing the body’s energy

Pendulums are divination tools which help in detecting energy blockages in the body.


  • Chakra balancing
  • Aura cleansing
  • Clearing the blockage of energy (chi) in the body
  • To Grounding

They are a simple tool to help balance and clear our body and mind. They work by picking up on subtle energetic vibrations.  A crystal pendulum matches the frequency and entrains the human energetic system to its own dominant oscillatory rate. The most common use of a pendulum is to locate any blockages in a personas chi or energy . They do so by moving in the direction of invisible energy around us.

Choosing  A pendulum

We  don't choose a pendulum, rather it chooses us. From a variety of different pendulums, go for the one that feels right when you touch it.

Hold it in your hands, close your eyes and observe deeply what you are feeling. If you experience subtle vibrations and change in temperature of the pendulum, it just might be the right one for you.

Personally I use a  “master healer” crystal for initial energy sensing such as clear Quartz, lemurian, amethyst and sometimes smoky Quartz. As I find because they are from the mineral ‘silicate ‘ family their vibration is purer than a crystal with a mix of  many minerals. When working on yourself or another person you may feel drawn to a specific crystal for the energy work you are about to do- always go with your gut.

Sensing blockages and chakra balancing with a pendulum

By Holding a pendulum over each of the seven chakras of the body helps to reveal the imbalance and energy blocks in the chakras. It’s worth noting that hardly anyone has a fully balanced chakric system!

Before starting any energy balancing work it is important to place a grounding crystal at the earth star chakra in order to keep the person balanced and grounded during the session. Also this must be the last stone removed at the end of the session.

You can start with the crown chakra, which is located on the top of the head

Hold the pendulum a few inches above the crown chakra and wait for it to move automatically by picking on subtle vibrations.  A slow rotation may indicate a blockage or an under active chakra and  a very fast rotation can indicate an overactive chakra.

Keep moving down the body to the next six chakras while noting the frequency of the energy in each  - slow or fast.

Any imbalances can be “remedied” by placing a corresponding crystal on that chakra.

Then go ‘back into’ the energy point  then spin the pendulum to wind or unwind the chakra.  As a rule  “lefty loosey”  to “tightly righty”  to balance  and wind/ unwind blockages. Once you feel the right amount of work has been done remove the stone from the chakras - I work from  crown to base chakra remembering to leave your earth star chakra crystal until the very last.

In more advanced body work you can choose to use a different  pendulum to correspond to each chakra and  place a crystal grid on each  chakra. Ie directing energy into a chakra or pit of a chakra using small needle points.


Important personal care !

It is absolutely essential as an energy worker to practise energetic hygiene.

Since crystals absorb all sorts of energies, it is important to cleanse your pendulum regularly  inbetween use for them to function properly.

My go to is placing them on or near a piece of selenite. If you are working as a professional healer with one client after another  and it’s not possible to leave your tools  aside to cleanse. You can clear your pendulum by slowly running your hand around its energy from tip down the chain and to the point and literally swiping the energy into a corner- like shaking water off your hands! Then once you have time cleanse the corner with white sage or an energy clearing mist, sound or chanting.

To double check your pendulum has been cleansed properly - ask it if it has had sufficient cleansing. If not then repeat process.


That is basic energy sensing and chakra balance work . Disclaimer: Please note any information supplied  should not be considered as a substitute for physician's advice. Please consult your treating physician  or health care professional for more details.

hope you’ve enjoyed some basic pendulum balance work! Please see my shop for handmade crystal pendulums for specific energy uses and my other blogs for more pendulum information 

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Crystal blessings 


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