Discovering healing crystals abilities of growth interference crystals

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Secrets to Discovering the Healing Abilities of Growth Interference Crystals

growth interference crystal

A rock is not a rock and not certainly the same rock! 

Quartz crystals are my all time favourite of any crystal, as every single piece resonates to a different frequency and it’s natural formation fine tunes it’s unique energy vibration for specific uses.

The devil is In The detail when it comes to discovering the talents and uses for which every crystal is created and destined to help us- particularly crystal energy for wellbeing and “healing” work.

Before I go any further I must tell you-  although an experienced crystal healing practitioner I am not a doctor and do not claim that these treasures from the earth are going to cure all that ails you. Crystals are simply tools to enable us to shift energy and therefore promote healing and wellbeing within ourselves!  So please do consult your medical health practitioner.

There are literally 100’s of different Quartz crystal growth formations and today let’s have a chat about growth interference crystals.

Growth Interference which where a crystal changes shapes as it grows due to the presence of another mineral which acts as an obstruction. These shapes might be squares, triangles, and can even look like a buzz saw has gone through the stone! Sometimes there is a little bit of mineral left in part of the crevasses. Think of it like a bit of clay where lego got stuck to it - then The lego fell away leaving an imprint!

growth interference crystals

Growth Interference is similar to  a Key and or Imprint formation-  the difference between them is that with growth interference another mineral was in that space. With Keys/Imprints it was another crystal growing alongside. Because of this, I think of Growth Interference represents how we can adapt and grow around a certain situation, and then if the situation no longer serves, it leaves, but not without leaving a mark. Try to think of “interference” as “something which alters”, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad occurrence.


growth interference crystals


  • Growth Interference are crystals showing the indelible marks of another person’s or group’s power and growth at your expense, usually not a family member like a Key.
  • A Growth Interference Crystal can show you how you are being dominated. Use this crystal to find the way to free yourself from dominion/control/abuse by people outside of your immediate family.
  • Like the Key, the Growth Interference crystal is a key to freedom, a liberator. Use it in meditation to focus your energy on your own needs and to build resistance to the hurtful influences of others.
  • Carry one as a personal talisman of dignity and self-respect.


To work with a Growth Interference crystal, you can meditate on the situations which caused interference during your  growth, realizing that the situation probably did change us (just like the  shape of the crystal is changed during its growth) but that we are still inherently beautiful and worthy of love and that ultimately, we are still in one piece. Oftentimes, as in the Growth Interference crystals, we are left with very interesting shapes and spaces which add depth and character.

Simply place your finger In The groove or markings take a deep breath and let the energy flow from the crystal into your energy system. 

Deeper Magic to Growth Interference Crystals

Growth interference crystals are what we call a seeker/transformer crystal.

Seeker Transformers are talismans used when the desire is to find a way to transform a part of your  life to a more desirable state.  

“Seek and you shall find” 

Seekers are used when we need some help to find a new path, a new approach, or in any quest to gain that which we desire but do not yet possess. In this case, a path to freedom of expression and action.

When a crystal possess the Earth Power of the Transformer, it is an excellent crystal to use to seek new capabilities that will transform some part of our lives.  Quartz crystals often grow large enough to allow for their unique shapes to also offer us useful specific energies and powers like this Growth Interference crystal with its ability to liberate us. 

crystal blessings


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    Really interesting read. I can see many occasions where one of these crystals would be so useful.

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