My Top 7 Essentials For Crystal Healing

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My top 7 Essentials for

Crystal Healing

Basic Crystal Healing Stones
clear needle quartz points -singing crystals
Harmonise and amplifier for encouraging clarity and amplifying any stone you wish to work with.
Clear quartz is the black, skinny jean of the crystal world- skinny jeans go with everything! Look at your clear quartz as your black, skinny jean, and all of the other crystals as your tops. Quartz points direct energy in specific areas so are prefect for crystal healing body layouts. clusters will distribute energy into large areas , so if looking to rebalance or ‘heal’ a space
this is the stone to use.
lemurian crystal points
When your using crystals for healing and you find a ‘spot’ of energy that just wont budge this is where lemurian’s come in to their own. Known as a “master healer” no two lemurians are the same. Each said to be encoded with ancient information. Heavily striated needle like points are a form of energetic acupuncture. To activate a lemurian simply rub your fingers up the side of the striations to the point and to deactivate it run your fingers downwards.
Amber is a natural purifier, esteemed for its ability to draw pain and dis-ease from the physical body, as well as the mind and spirit, by absorbing negative or stagnant energies and transforming them into clear, positive energy. Amber is a healing all rounder - ideal for cleansing and reactivating the chakras. Drawing off toxins, pain, and disease from the body and stimulating the immune system and the body’s other natural healing mechanisms to rebalance and heal itself.
earth star chakra grounding crystal set
When using crystals to heal it is essential for the “patient” to remain grounded in his or her body. 
Placed 6 inches below the feet using any of the following
Magnetite/lodestone, black kyanite, black tourmaline, pyrite, smoky quartz
They vibrate to keep us remaining in the present and connected to the heart of the earth. They can help bring chakras, meridians and energy into alignment. Each is also highly protective transmuting negative to positive energy
selenite wands
Being the energy clearing crystal; often used as “wands” to wave and clear energy. Its really great because it’s going to keep things moving. Think of it like a charcoal cleanser that helps you detox you and your home. You can use it to clear energies off other crystals, off yourself, out of your home, off everything. Essential to seal in any healing energy work after a healing session .
raw chakra healing set
For body layouts a set of chakra crystals is essential- Matched crystal energy and or colours to correspond with the 7 basic chakras. Use by placing the matching stone on the corresponding chakra to rebalance that or all  energy centres.
clear quartz pendulum
Pendulums are brilliant to ‘sense’ energy. Dowse the body to find energy imbalances or to check to see if a chakra is in over or under active. 
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