Earth Star Chakra

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Earth Star Chakra

There’s always a lot of talk and information about the 7 common chakra energy systems of our bodies. There are  more energy centres and layers to our bodies/etheric that are rarely spoken about.

The earth star chakra is what is known as a “sub personal” chakra, “super root chakra” or “new” chakra. Kinda like a super charged V8 of the base or root chakra energy centre. To my mind it along with the soul star chakra are two of the most important chakras in the 12 chakra system! Particularly as i see the symptoms of this being unbalanced almost at every market i go to. So lets dive down that rabbit hole!!



Your earth star chakra is not actually a part of your physical body like the other chakras. It is located  approximately 6-12 inches below your feet, and makes up part of the etheric body. 

It connects directly to the core of the earth and to mother earth-gaia! As well as your ancestral connections and personal karmic history. It is different from the root or base chakra as its THE grounding point for your entire chakric system and etheric body. Not only does it connect us to the earth but all of humanity


Connecting to the earth star chakra helps us connect to nature, the planet, humanity, our ancestral past and personal karmic history. The earth star chakra allows the body to discharge energy into the ground. 

Signs you Need to Work on Your Earth Star Chakra:

mentally agitated, experience anxiety, 

feel ungrounded, spacey , unfocused

disconnected and energetically unbalanced

spend  a lot of time inside using technology


If like me your an air sign you can be prone to feeling disconnected and unearthed. this chakra connection is for you!

By developing a strong connection, this can give you an unshakable feeling of being grounded. Easily dispel negative energy you may pick up throughout your day. The earth star chakra is especially great for healers. As it connects us to the source energy of the earth to help us when we need  boost.

This chakra essential “has your back”


  • Simple meditations layered up with crystals is my preferred method of grounding, balancing and connecting. 
  • Mediation- visualisation- crystal body layouts
  • Earthing
  • Carry Corresponding crystals



There are many ‘grounding’ crystals. Oh and yes there is such a thing as becoming TOO GROUNDED. 

To my mind these are the crystals I’ve worked with in view to compliment, enhance, open as well as close this chakra. 


Vibrating us to remain in the present. One of the strongest connections to earth energy. Its magnetic aspects can help bring chakras, meridians and energy into alignment. its earth connection making it one of the premier crystals for use by healers. Particularly good for psychic clairvoyants who can be prone to being ungrounded because of continual connection to spirit.

Black kyanite 

aligns all chakras, grounds and cuts away any negative attachments 

Black tourmaline 

works to connect the base and earth star moving excess energy for grounding into the earth.

Protective, transmutes negative to positive energy

Pyrite Cubes.

the cube is grounding sacred geometry at its finest. Combining it with cuprite ( copper based mineral) and hematite provides a holy earthing triad. Allowing us to manifest our spiritual path in alignment of mother earth. Helps ground feelings of not “being enough”

Sacred geometry -Merkaba stars 

these represent  both the earth and soul star- theses can be used in meditation to deepen your light journey. Keywords balance and connection.

Tapping into this chakra can have a powerful effect on your  well being. 

Of course there are many more crystals with energetic layers which you may find more preferable. There really is no right or wrong as we are all so different. As with anything to do with the mind and body. Please do not use this as a substitute for professional help. See your health practitioner or doctor, crystals are meant to be used as energetic support. Our wellbeing should be a combination of all tools we have to hand.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you are needing  a personal crystal prescription appointment online through Facebook and or instagram. Or pop down to the markets and feel the energy for yourself. Every Sunday in busselton at the jetty  7-12pm

Wishing you all crystal blessings

Fairy Leonie



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