Soul Star Chakra - “The Seat of the Soul”

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Soul Star Chakra- “The Seat of the Soul”

If you haven’t worked with this chakra yet you are in for a  journey to the spirit. This chakra is associated with the origin of enlightenment and with the principle of ascention. Think of this chakra as the storage bank for the soul!



Known as the 8th chakra its located 6-12 inches above the crown chakra- its the highest point of the physical body.

Although there is a gateway between  it and the crown chakra “the stellar gateway”. This is the NEXT chakra above the crown in the etheric body.

When we experience troubles with clearing our 7 physical chakras, we can turn to our soul star chakra and ask for help finding balance and peace within ourselves.



Connecting to the soul star chakra helps us connect to the divine light of the spirit.

It related to infinite energy, spirituality, supreme divine wisdom and spiritual compassion. If your having trouble finding peace, activating and balancing this chakra leaves us open to receive help,guidance and love for our souls to find purpose and balance 


Signs you Need to Work on Your Soul Star Chakra:

Are you finding it hard to let go of old attitudes that might be holding you back in the present?

knowing there is a purpose for you other but you don’t know what it is?



What Can It Do For You:

For those who have developed certain spiritual gifts, it can help gain access to akashic records.

For those looking at developing and connecting to their psychic gifts.

The white light ray of the soul star is powerfully restorative. Aids in emotional balancing and stability to bring inner peace and tranquility.

This is all about ascension and oneness with your spiritual self- a sense of belonging.


Which Crystals can help with this chakra?

Many of the stones for this chakra are not common, and are high vibrational crystals. Before working with any of these stones i suggest aligning your chakras with kyanite.

Blue kyanite in particular works with the higher chakras.


white selenite’s energy helps gain access to powerful angelic beings from higher realms. Shields and protects from outside influences. Self cleansing and magnifies the energy of the crystals it works with.


for retrieval of ancient information about the civilisation Lemuria. Helps to solve problems from the past, within this life or past lives.


Danburite is a natural ally for meditation work and prayer. You can hold it in your non-dominant hand to help you receive guidance from angels, guides and ascended masters. danburite attunes the Soul Star chakra and brings direct contact with Spirit and the angelic realms. A powerful stone of the White Ray and one of the Synergy 12 stones, danburite is a channel to the heavens and is also an amazing sleep aid. 


Tapping into this chakra can have a powerful effect on your  well being. 

Of course there are many more crystals with energetic layers which you may find more preferable. There really is no right or wrong as we are all so different. As with anything to do with the mind and body. Please do not use this as a substitute for professional help. See your health practitioner or doctor, crystals are meant to be used as energetic support. Our wellbeing should be a combination of all tools we have to hand.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you are needing  a personal crystal prescription appointment online through Facebook and or instagram. Many of these crystals are available online through or message me to create a personalised pack for you

Wishing you all crystal blessings

Fairy Leonie


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