Forget Moldavite - Moqui Balls ARE it!


Forget Moldavite- I’m freaking calling it- these innocuous balls are top of the wizzer!!!! Looks like kangeroo poo but more than the energetic equivalent of moldavite.

Along with clear quartz and magnetite this is a mineral i could not do without! This geological oddity is found in the deserts of Utah in the USA, these hematite/iron oxide/sandstone concretions are vibrational grounding at its ultimate.

A new study reveals that the moqui marbles are no more than 25 million years old — a sharp contrast to the 190-million-year-old Navajo Sandstone. Marbles scattered on sandstone slopes in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument are only 2 million to 5 million years old. And on Arizona's Paria Plateau, the marbles' iron oxide rind is as young as 300,000 years old, researchers report in the September 2014 issue of the Geological Society of America Bulletin. (

The moqui marbles' precise ages come from a radioactive clock. The iron oxide minerals contain traces of radioactive uranium and thorium, and these decay by expelling helium. How freaking cool is that?? By tallying the elements reveals the time since the minerals formed! Metaphysically I like to think of them ‘capturing’ the energy vibrations and akashic knowledge throughout the ages.

Having formed from tectonic plate shifts from over 2kms beneath the earth, its absolutely no doubt their their grounding earth star energy connection is one of the best you can find because its from the heart of the earth.

I bang on ALOT about ungroundedness being one of THE primary contributors to our modern dis-ease. Moqui balls can help re-address the energetic imbalance and reconnect to the earth.

Dr Majorie Chan  says she thinks “These round concretions have a self-organizing pattern, like people at a party,"  "The natural pattern is for people to gather together in conversation groups, and the groups are going to be round."


Moqui" is a Hopi word that means "dear departed ones." According to Hopi tradition, spirits of the dead would play with the marbles at night, leaving them behind in the morning to reassure the living that they were happy in the afterlife.


Moqui Marbles have been divided into male and female by those who have used it for shamanic purposes.

Because Moqui Marbles are male and female, they are often used in pairs.

The male holds yang energy and the female holds yin energy. The pieces shaped like discs or are more ridged are said to be male. The pieces that are more spherical shape are said to be female.

Some people separate the gender of Moqui Marbles by texture rather than shape. They believe the smoother pieces to be female and rougher ones to be male. And others go by their intuition. They will hold the Moqui in stone and see which one pulls down (male) and which one lifts (female) their energies. 

If you are holding a Moqui Marble pair in the palm of your hands, the female yin energy is associated with the non-dominant hand (left hand if you are right-handed) and the male yang energy is associated with the dominant hand (right hand if you are right-handed). You can then either meditate with the stones, visualize your energy bodies balancing like on a scale or breathe in the vibrations and be mindful in the moment. 


Moqui balls are not the same a boji stones!

boji stones are made from Pyrite, Palladium, Fossil & Petrified Bone. Metaphysically boji stones are about connection to nature and the earth, they cleanse the subconscious mind of destructive thoughts and old negative thought patterns.

moqui balls  are made from hematite concretions and sandstone. They are excessive grounding, help with spiritual blockages, stimulate chi and are highly transformational.



Balance your energies

Moqui Marbles come in male and female formations. When you use them as a pair, they help to balance the yin and yang within you. Each person has both masculine and feminine energies. When these are in balance, life is great. When they are out of balance, you may feel overly aggressive, passive, moody, disconnected, emotional, needy, angry, sad, or a mix of these unpleasant states. 



To get back into balance, hold the male and female Moqui Marbles in your two hands while you calm and ground yourself to the Earth. 

If you are unbalanced in either masculine or feminine energy just working with one ball can help redress the energetic imbalance.

To balance an overactive chakra. First use your pendulum  or energy sensing preference to check your chakra.

Then place the appropriate ball on that chakra point or if guided place a ball either side of that chakra to redress the balance.



Moqui Marbles are one of the strongest Earth energy minerals on the planet. They will bring you back down to reality. Moqui Marbles ground and root you so that you can live in the moment and enjoy it too. Hold Moqui stones in your hands to feel the pull towards the magnetic Earth.

Any time that you do lightwork such as Reiki, Crystal Healing, Spiritual Reading, Hypnotherapy, Meditations, etc, your energies vibrate differently. These types of practices increase your vibration to help you enter a Higher Realm. That's why when you come back down and out of the session, you feel as though you are buzzing and on a high. Moqui Marbles are needed to bring your energies back to Earth. They are very popular to use to ground back to reality after healing work. If you are buzzing at a high rate and do not properly ground yourself, your aura may be too open and vulnerable to bad elements.

After doing lightwork, you need to hold the Moqui Marbles until you feel completely grounded.

Drink plenty of water.


Joint pain

Look I’m the last person to ‘prescribe’ a physical solution to annoys healing work, but personally i have found these AMAZING to ease inflammation and joint pain. I use them as a massage stone gently rubbing them against the affected area. i often carry one in each pocket to address my hip pain to relieve and balance out the energy.

Stress relief

just like a worry stone - holding and exploring the weight and texture of these balls is extremely therapeutic. Let go and let the weight of the stones and their energy flow through your hands and flow the meridians of your body energy circuits



Like all natural stones, Moqui Marbles are subject to colour change under heat, pressure, oxygen, and different everyday conditions. There is not much we can do about it just like a fine wine enjoy the changes!

Your stones may also become smoother as you use them more. Since they are grounding stones, Moqui Marbles are often held in your hands and over time, this will smooth out the grainy ridges. 

Please avoid water as it can dissolve the sandstone centre over time. Physically a wipe with a damp clothe will suffice. Energetically either sound, selenite, smudging, burying in the earth or perhaps a sun bath  would be perfect.


Rest assured my moqui balls are lawfully collected under license. Available on the website or instore every Sunday at Busselton markets whilst stocks last.


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