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Connect to Goddess Energy ♥ Gentle Nurturing
          Emotional Support distress

Isis crystals are what i call a “formation crystal”. No its not a mineral but a formation!
They are identified as having a 5 sided face on at least one of the termination faces. These faces don’t necessarily have to be the biggest face on a crystal as once thought- or even have perfect proportions.

These faces are mostly found on points of a crystal cluster, although occasionally there are individual crystal points that have an Isis face, but these are extremely rare. The two lines rising up from the base equal in length symbolise balance. The last two lines, which connect at the top of the five sided face symbolise the blending of our human life with our spiritual growth.

Often found on the faces of natural quartz crystals - clear Quartz and smoky quartz isis faces are the most common.

Symbology of an Isis Face Crystals

Four sides of the Isis Quartz Crystal represent the four elements, Earth, Fire, Water & Wind. The 5th side represents ourselves. So can make a perfect element to an altar.


Isis crystals are primarily a female energy but are perfect for using to balance male & female energies.

Meditating with an Isis crystal helps to bring balance with – and better integrate the four elements as mentioned above elements into your life. By placing your thumb over the Isis face itself with strengthen your connection and anchor its energy.

In crystal healing an Isis crystal is best used on the solar plexus if wanting to draw back your power, on the heart chakra if wanting to connect with and clear emotional issues or on the third eye to promote self healing and spiritual growth.

Isis crystals are especially useful when women gather in groups and healing can also be enhanced with the use of an Isis crystal, as they can be used every effectively to direct earth energy. Channel energy through the body and out through the Isis face of the crystal, which should be directed at the earth.


You might create a grid using Isis Face crystals on the cardinal points (North, South, East West) and pointing IN to the center to bring in powerful Goddess energies, or pointing OUT of the center if you are reaching OUT to same. You could create a small grid which would sit on a tabletop , or cast a large circle and create your crystal grid, inside the circle, on the outer edges, with you in the center, holding an Isis crystal. If you only have one Isis Face crystal, place it in the center of the grid or circle and use other quartz points, programmed to connect with Goddess energy, on the outer edge to amplify the energy of the Isis Face.


Wisdom. Intuition. Deep Healing. Maternal Loving Healer of Hearts & Children.
The Isis Quartz aids those passing in between worlds, and those grieving for a loved one.

Like a reiki rescue stone this type of crystal allows you to feel/ show empathy for other peoples plights, yet not get caught up in their emotional turmoil helping you to become a rock in their storm

An Isis crystal is said to trigger our inner power & strength, which promotes self healing and growth.

Isis crystals allow us to step back from situations and become a witness. For men, the Isis crystal will help them to become more aware of the aspects of women they may find troubling & bring in gentleness and compassion. They connect men to their feminine side, allowing for more empathy and intuitive energy to flow. For women, an Isis crystal will help them to regain their Goddess power & energy, particularly if one has suffered abuse or situations in which feminine power has been given up in order to keep peace. 

Why Use an Isis crystal ?

By correctly identifying the formation of an isis face on your crystal it will reveal a deeper female magic to your crystal’s energy. Perhaps you are looking at balancing out some yang ( male energy) ? Or needing to add some nurturing maternal energy into a crystal healing? If you know the deeper meaning of your crystal it will help add another layer of energy to your stones healing ability. So take a closer look at your faces on your stones and see if you can discover one of these beauties in their faces
crystal blessings 



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