Shadow Working with Crystals - a simple guide to the deeper aspects of yourself.

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Shadow Working with Crystals 

A simple guide to the deeper aspects of yourself.


Shadow work has become a buzz word on social media -a mystic magical dark sounding phrase which really isn’t all that mysterious. So lets talk shadows -“What does shadow work mean?" "What is your shadow self?" "How do you heal your shadow qualities?"



Shadow work- what is it?

Psychologist  Carl Jung first brought this concept into being- where he described it as “the unconscious and disowned parts of our personality that the ego fails to see, acknowledge, and accept. It is any aspect of ourselves that is not exposed to the light of our consciousness.”

The shadow is the darker, hidden  or repressed part of our inner selves. Shadow work is getting in touch with the repressed side of parts of ourselves we may even yet to discover. When we are aware of of what's hidden we can gradually work healing or balancing the energy and aspects of our personality. We are made of light and dark aspects- its part of who we are- don’t be afraid to be yourself.



The subconscious mind is often called “the shadow” as we can’t see it clearly and arn’t aware of it- the conscious mind is akin to “the light” as we can see it clearly and are aware of it.

Before I go on -I am not a qualified doctor or mental health practitioner. If you find any of this information triggering or it brings up any deep issues please see a qualified health professional.

Why Worry About the Shadow?

this can be a weird and controversial subject for many people. But many psychologists, life coaches and spiritual teachers feel that it can improve a person's wellbeing. Others believe its not good to focus on the dark and if you work with it you will attract more of that energy. But what I personally know as a light worker, that focusing on the light is amazing but it doesn’t make the negative or dark go away. I feel its better to make peace with the shadows- work with them at your own pace, take control.

If you are worried about what you might find- its possible that there is an important message there for you and your inner growth. Change is needed to grow and transform yourself- shadows are created in the first place because we push them away and are often not even of your making and can stem from childhood events and judgements or concepts of others, they are usually born out of rejection and non acceptance- an internal story we told ourselves which may or may not be true.

How can Shadow Work help us?

Shadow work can benefit us in a multitude of ways

  • Sort out things in our lives that are bothering us
  • help strengthen relationships and bonds with other people
  • assist in help with past traumas, and triggers - emotional and spiritual wounds
  • can help transform us into emotionally stable and more balanced versions of ourselves


What can you do?

Steps to begin Shadow Work

  • Shadows are usually rooted in our childhood
  • Become aware of your shadow
  • shine a light on it  or bring out the darkness
  • Use your triggers- they are messengers and an invitation to delve deeper into unconscious things.
  • Observe without judgement.
  • Long standing habits that have hindered your growth can become easily broken with acknowledgement.
  • Make peace with your shadow so you can find peace
  • look at yourself with fresh eyes- you are your new best friend

Don’t blame your shadow, give it love compassion send it nurturing energy and acceptance.

Triggers are simply messengers of an event that can cause a severe emotional reaction within you. Naming triggers can decrease and change them therefore decreasing the effect they have on you. By looking at your triggers without judgement it gives you the control to understand it and therefore work with it to do something about it.

Each and everyone of us has gone through a difficult time that has created shadows within us. The good news is that every action of the universe is always for our highest good!

Opportunities to confront our shadow occur all the time- whether we choose to acknowledge them and be free of it is another matter. No matter how long you avoid looking at your shadow self it will keep manifesting into your reality until you pay attention to it.

The more you are aware of your shadow and accept it, the more embodied you are of your conscious being and the more balance you will have over your wellbeing and life.

Crystals and Shadow Work

Crystals are just one of the many tools you can use to guide , comfort and assist the process. Their energetic resonance helps balance out our own transient vibrations and inner energy. These are my top choices for this kind of energy work.

Illuminating Crystals

  • Obsidian - mirror to the soul- a gentle crystal that only reveals as much as you can cope with on an emotional level. A stone to help self discovery, also helps integrate those aspects of yourself into the light. There are different forms of obsidian which technically is a form of volcanic glass. Black obsidian, Gold sheen obsidian, Silver sheen obsidian, Rainbow obsidian, Apache Tear obsidian or Smoky obsidian, Mahogany obsidian, Peacock obsidian, Snowflake obsidian. Each obsidian stone has a slight variation on the properties of what it does. Technically, depending on what aspect of your shadow self that you want to do the shadow work, you could use one of these obsidian stones for that specific working.Ie apache tears for grief and letting go. Black obsidian is a good stone for working on ancestral healing and past lives, so if you feel that parts of your shadow self are connected to your lineage or past lives, you may decide to use this crystal for your shadow work. Black obsidian is known for revealing inner truth, so when worked with for shadow work, it will reveal to you who you are underneath everything. If you’re ready to face the shadow in its raw form, working with black obsidian may reveal that to you.
  • Labradorite- the stone of balance that illuminates and inner truth. Its beautiful flashes reveal secrets and most importantly the causes of these actions, which then gives us a deeper understanding into personalities that we may of been unaware of. This crystal works to illuminate past memories, to dispel fear and anxiety that may be triggered from these past memories that become locked within the subconscious. Labradorite is an excellent crystal for shadow work that involves self-reflection and introspection, to better understand your reasons and motives behind what say, do or how you feel. Working with this crystal can help shed light on certain behaviours that are rooted in the shadow self and assist you in becoming more aware of your actions and behaviours.

Cleansing Crystals

  • Selenite- clear and cleanse energies that rise to the surface that require releasing through shadow work. Assist in cutting chords, people, places, experiences - energies on all levels that no longer serve you. Selenite is a great stone to use when forming a divine boundary and welcoming in spiritual support from your highest self at the start of any shadow work. Throughout shadow work this stone is a fantastic reminder that you are held in light even when traveling through the darkest crevasse of the soul. Every aspect of your being is divine and selenite is the perfect reminder of this. This all-purpose stone is also a fantastic tool for cleansing your space before and after shadow work. Clear through the mental clutter.

- see my blog for more information about auric cleansing and selenite .

  • Black Tourmaline- alleviates anger and fear which may arise from memories imprinted from your shadow. Tourmaline is a highly grounding and protective stone to work with and a must have for anyone doing energetic work. Black tourmaline is closely connected to the lower chakras, especially the root chakra.

Supportive Crystals

  • Rose quartz- everyones favourite and THE most well known crystal for its loving, nurturing, comforting energy. Like a balm to the soul. Helps us learn to leave ourselves fully. A calming stone that helps ease anxiety and stress. 
  • Black Moonstone- assist anyone uncomfortable with change- emotional and energetically supportive. A crystal of feminine empowerment so perfect for transformation, and spiritual rebirth

Life Purpose Crystals

  • Celestite - Helps find your dreams ,opens you to your spiritual path and deepens your connection to your soul's wisdom. Elevates the spirit, connects to your guides and can help guide you on the path to peace.
  • Apophyllite- works with the soul star chakra. Useful to reconnect with your soul as part of soul retrieval, opens the higher chakras to recovery, rebirth and enlightenment.

Benefical Choices- Clarity Crystals

  • Natural Citrine- (not heat treated amethyst -HTA citrine) A cleaner and more powerful vibration the HTA. Activates the imagination and transmits a joyful vibration. Helps you feel more optimistic about your life goals
  • Blue Kyanite-a rare crystal that never needs cleansing due to its high vibration. Aligns all chakras ,stimulates psychic communication on all levels. Stone of clarity, helps us to conceive of unlimited possibilities.

Identify and Determine Solutions Crystals

  • Peacock Ore- releases energy blockages, cleanses and activates all chakras.
  • Golden Healer Quartz- raises the energy vibration needed to clear blockages. Tap into the golden light of universal life force

A Note on Moldavite

Your probably wondering why i havent added moldavite to the list. I can’t tell you how many times people have come to me asking for it to “change their lives”. No no no! There are no shortcuts and this is not a gentle tektite to work with. Its re-known for pulling up energetic blockages whether you are ready or not. If you are determined to use it please use with caution! 

How to Use your Crystals for Shadow Work

First of all there's no right or wrong way to do it!

The most important thing is to always to select the right crystal for the type of work that you’re doing, including what kind of shadow work that you’re doing- that is what your goal for the shadow work is.

Here are some of my favourite ways to use them for this purpose 

  • Meditating with a crystal best for shadow work prior to doing a shadow work to assist with being more receptive to unconscious/subconscious messages.
  • Create a crystal grid to assist you with releasing negative emotions.
  • Keep the crystals near your bed, on your altar, or near the place where you meditate to serve as little companions in this energetic work.
  • By keeping a crystal journal, noting down which crystal you use, when you use it, and what your intent is so that you can keep track of your journey.
  • Use a crystal pendulum to help you access the answers to your questions. Learn how to use a pendulum here.
  • Tarot or oracle card reading. Tarot/oracle cards can be an excellent way to dig under the surface and explore what’s hidden in the shadow self. Working with crystals during a tarot reading can amplify this affect.
  • Spell work and magic rituals


When we work in the light it fully transforms the way we see things, like a lens through which we see everything around us. The power of shadow work is that  as we notice the old, broken, and unhealthy things that are in our lives from a new perspective and in a new light. We can therefore make healthy changes for our higher good.

Wishing you positive discoveries on your journey

crystal blessings

Leonie xx



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