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Simply put a crystal grid is 

“a placement of crystals and or other objects, placed in a geometric pattern made for a specific purpose or intention. Their purpose is to direct energy towards a certain goal.”

The idea is to have a “master Crystal” or symbol in the centre as the primary energy force surrounded by crystals that  “energetically match” your goal or intention. Gridding has been used since ancient times- even stonehenge is a grid of sorts! Your grid can be as simple or as complicated as you wish.

Its not just restricted to a table or altar, grids can be made in the garden on the beach or even around a person or pet. The main point to keep in mind is that this is all about DIRECTING ENERGY.


There is not one “right” way of making a grid. I encourage you to be intuitive and creative. The only real “rule” in making grids is that our intent be clear. A grid or group of crystals is much more powerful than a single stone working alone. Your intention can be as simple as wishing for a good nights sleep or could be for to protecting your home, healing a loved one or for world peace. The list is endless!



First and foremost when creating a crystal energy grid is to set your intentions- what would you like to achieve or manifest? 

What is your specific energy goal?

Protection, Abundance, love, healing and many more, the choice is yours


When the purpose of your grid is clear its time to find an appropriate location.Somewhere quiet where you and the crystals will not get disturbed. Then cleanse the space- this can be done either burning incense I suggest  white sage, or smudge using palo santo or a smudge stick to energetically remove any negative energy. 


Choose the main center-piece crystal or symbol relating to your intention or goal. Typically the center-piece is another a quartz point as they are the stone of harmony and positive amplified energy. This is where energy resonates FROM or attracts TO.

It doesn’t have to be a crystal it can be a symbol of whatever serves the focus for the grid. Then choose your supporting crystals which you will layout in a geometric pattern around your center-piece. These crystals should be chosen for their metaphysical properties to match your goal. Ie rose quartz love, tourmaline protection, selenite  for peace.


When creating your pattern or ‘mandala’ of crystals around the central stone, if you are using points remember  -the point inwards will direct energy towards the central stone - point outwards will direct energy from the central crystal.

Double terminated points can flow the energy between one stone and another. Your selected crystals should of all been cleaned and ideally set with an intention before use.  It’s important that you have fun and be creative. By adding fresh flowers, candles or tealights, feathers anything of your choosing anything goes.


Using sacred geometry to match your intention is one way of layering up the intensity of the energy. You can purchase pre printed boards or simply print out your own template from the internet.

Hexagonal grids  are simple and straight forward- use this configuration when you want to get your message across loud and clear.

The flower of life- made from overlapping evenly spaced circles, creating symmetry not unlike a hexagon! A powerful template useful for any intention

Spirals/golden ratio or the fibonacci sequence, for expansion, creativity and feminine energy.

The Leminscate/infinity pattern “8 “ is a never ending energetic loop perfect for abundance, love, health and prosperity grids 


Once you are happy with your selection and pattern its time to spend some time connecting with the grid you have made. This will activate the grid. Really feel the energies! Imagine the space filled with light and the energy flowing from one crystal to another bridging the energy to make one whole.                                                                                                                                               Some people like to activate the grid by taking a quartz point (or kyanite, or selenite) and connecting the stones by tracing a line around the grid. Others will tell you this is the only way to activate the grid-  I promise you it is not. Go with what feels right for YOU.

Spend some time each day connecting with your grid and its purpose. This will keep your intention in your attention, and activate the grid. 


Let your intuition guide you as to when its time to disconnect and let the stones and the universe take over. When you feel done, disconnect, ground yourself by touch the ground or floor, thank and release any spirit’s  guardians or guides, and go on about your day. Just be sure to cleanse your crystals and your space before you create your next intention.

It really is as easy as that

Enjoy and if you wish please feel free to share your photos on my social media sites -facebook and instagram “fairy leonie’s crystals”

Crystal Blessings

Leonie xx


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