Ley Lines, Vortexes and Crystal Earth Energy Attunement

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Ley lines are a geographical alignment of the worlds ancient megaliths and monuments. They're not lines we can actually see on a map- like latitude and longitude, these lines are patterns of supernatural energy that intersect and flow. They can be harnessed by anyone sensitive to working with energy. 

The term “ley lines” was coined by archeologist Alfred Watkins. He believed that waterways, naturally forming ridges and various routes ancients used as trade routes and migration pathways are all part of this ‘map’  although his theory was limited to the British Isles, today we use it as a globalized concept. 



Intersecting ley lines create vortexes or spirals of energy - just like a chakra.

Ley line researcher David Cowan theorised that these spirals or vortexes are either negative (black spirals) or positive (white spirals), much like the theory of yin and yang energy. It is believed these vortexes are capable of healing and aligning with our energy as well as mumma earth! Many people use them to mediate, hold rituals and engage with this energy directly. 

Soluntra king tells us that the cause of a negative area can be from many different imbalances. Perhaps a negative Ley line or crossing of lines, could be created or made by 

  • collective negative thought patterns of the people in the environment, or from along the line. 
  • Geopathic stress from the earths movement
  • Disharmonious radiations from underground streams.
  • Manmade radiation - wifi, microwaves, electricity or even blockages In the earths energy grid. 

In order to create harmony we need to achieve free flowing positive energy grids and vortexes. This is where we can use the help of crystals for activation work.



This can be done in a myriad of ways.

  • You can neutralise the energy or you can strengthen your own personal energy
  • For vortexes and ley lines  by using crystals/crystal grids and visualisation. By using a large natural quartz crystal point as your centre point and sending love and healing to the centre of the earth. You can upscale the energy by creating a crystal grid with clear quartz points, magnetite, smoky quartz, aragonite, kyanite, selenite and or black tourmaline. Visualising the earth energy flowing back into the crystal which amplifying healing loving energy and you in return amplifying and sending the healing back. Kinda like a circuit of energy of love, clearing and cleansing the vortex or line blockages.
  • Sound vibrations such as singing bowls, singing, drumming or do any other acoustic attunement that feel relevant to you. Clear and cleanse energetic disturbances.
  • You may feel guided to walk or dance around the circle anti-clockwise and clockwise three times each to anchor the energies into a distruptive vortex. And/or put your hands to the earth too send in healing energy with the physical connection. 
  • Leaving  a crystal as a Guardian can also work a treat. Every now and again check and see how the space/place feels to you. You may have the inner knowing that what you have done is enough, or that you need to do it several more times.




On Ley lines you can simply place some Quartz, Rose Quartz or other Quartz on the area of negativity. A Crystal activated with Love, and  intention or programmed. So that they be used to free up the energy and allow for a positive, loving flow to occur again.

Place one or more Crystals along a Ley line, or where one crosses another or has lines running out from it. To determine where the Ley line or crossing is, use a pendulum to dowse, muscle testing , copper divining rods or use your crystal wand or intuition. Leave the Crystals there until they have done their work, and the energy of the area feels positive again.



Silicate crystals are fabulous resonators of positive energy. So by using a Quartz Crystal or one of its family, ie. Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Smoky Quartz, Citrine or Green or Blue Quartz. Whatever the area- home, office etc you can use the Crystal as a Transmuter of Energy. 

By sending intention into your chosen crystal  and spiral the energy throughout the whole house, yard and local area or town if needs be. Quartz is an amplifier of energy, so make sure your not using it to amplify any negative energy by programming, paling correctly in alignment with crystal grids.




Is a  premier earth healer, known as the Earth Goddess stone. It transforms geopathic stress and clears blocked ley lines. It has the ability to centre and ground physical energies, stabilize the base chakra, and deepen the connection with mumma earth.


Magnetite may be placed in an area of disturbed Earth energy to help the healing of the Earth.  Magnetite establishes a healing grounding, vibration and connection through resonance with the Earth’s electromagnetic energy field. It facilitates the flow of energy in the meridians of the physical body, initiates hemispheric balance in the brain, and supports alignment with the etheric body.  Magnetite aligns and activates the chakras and grounds the base chakra with Earth energies. Along with black tourmaline, hematite, and pyrite these make a might power punch!


Its protective energies  are perfect to block geopathic stress and absorb electromagnetic smog given off by power lines and electronics. Invaluable in layouts for environmental healing, and assists elimination and detoxification on all levels, ushering in positive energy in its place. 


This ones a bit out of the norm. Lemon/yellow Calcite! It is powerful energy cleanser. It will purify and remove toxins in the environment and in your aura, and it will increase the positive energies present!

There are many more crystals that resonate but these are my top picks that I like to work with. If you have any questions or a looking to transmute negative energy pop onto the website and see our transmuting energy kits. 

thanks for joining me 

Crystal Blessings

Leonie x







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  • Sherri on

    I am also a ley line healer. Please distract me to more information so I can make the most of my trips out the backcountry on Vancouver Island. Many blessings.

  • Aven on

    Hi Leonie. I enjoyed reading this. I feel that i am a natural ley line healer. Id be interested in being directed to any books, people or classes on earth Healing. I feel is is definitely part of what im here to help do with this new golden age coming in. I love the earth and always have ever since i was a kid. And im sure thats extended back to many lifetimes.

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