Energetic Hygiene

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Energetic Hygiene

This is something I discuss on a week on a weekly basis and more than ever its kinda timely I recap and open this up for discussion now. 


Just as we brush our teeth & look after our personal hygiene, our energetic layers ‘aura’s’ require rejuvenating too.  

Our aura’s are an invisible electromagnetic field that surround our bodies. Just as we cleanse our sacred space, we also need to release energy blockages & disperse vibrations that do not serve our higher good.


If you are feeling tired, worn out and just not yourself. Do you feel like you are attracting negative energy or drama? or perhaps surrounded by negative situations, people or an empath. Its time to take control of external energy forces, realign and balance your self .


This varies from person to person, those extremely sensitive to energy or people working in caring/nursing and dense interpersonal  spaces may find they need to do it daily. 

Anyone with stronger boundaries may benefit for a weekly or just a monthly cleanse                                                


  • Aura Brushing
  • Angelic Shielding- archangel mIchael
  • White Light Cleansing Visualisation
  • Smudging- white sage, palo santo, essential oils
  • Water based techniques- Shower or salt bath, ocean swim or beach walk
  • Yin yoga or poses such as the mountain
  • Walking in nature or walking your dog
  • Visual meditation - with crystals or candle flame
  • Fire rituals-release spell, candle spell work
  • Breathe Work
  • Cleansing & aligning the chakras
  • Sound - mantras, singing, singing bowls or tuning forks

WORKING WITH NATURAL CRYSTAL WANDS                                                                                                              

♥ Cleanse ♥ Purify ♥ Inner Peace & Healing ♥ Protect ♥ Energize

Natural wands are very powerful tools for healers & light workers. Natural crystal ‘wands’ are perfect for aura brushing & cutting unwanted energetic cords. Working with a crystal wand is the perfect way to help remain purified, & open to whatever the universe chooses to send your way. It’s simple & easy to do. I have free information cards in store with every purchase of a wand, with a simple explanation of how to use them. Available on the website as well as at the markets.

Suggested crystals:

  • Selenite - self cleansing crystal cuts energetic cords & auric debris
  • Smoky Quartz- heals auric tears & seals the aura
  • Clear Quartz- the master healer, receives & sends energy. Transforms healing on all levels resonates at the highest healing frequency
  • Amethyst- positive calming healing energy into the chakra points
  • Tourmaline (black) - repel & protects against negative energy. Deflects emr & negativity, exceptionally grounding

It’s simple and easy to do many of the above techniques.If you’d like more information and to dive down some deeper rabbit holes check out my Facebook, instagram and here  in my website big or pop in and see me in person each Sunday at the busselton markets 

We are all in this together

Crystal blessings 

Leonie xx

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