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Devic Temples are special crystals that have possibly the strongest Life Force of any crystal.

A Devic Temple is an Earth Spirit Stone. Hidden deep within their hearts lie “shelves /ledges” which act to serve as resting places for higher order light beings.  These can be whisps- veils of cloudiness and or rainbows of light trapped  inside  of the stone. The Life Force of the Planet Earth is stronger in these crystals than in most because of their resident  light worker spirits. These devic light beings can be fairies, angelic beings, earth spirits etc, or even elementals. They can be found in many types of crystals but are more commonly and easily express themselves in clear quartz.  Clear quartz being the ‘master healer’ with the energetic properties of positivity and harmony seems to be the perfect place for these spiritual beings to reside.


THE DEEPER MAGIC OF Devic Temple Crystals

  • Inside the crystal are rainbow inclusions of trapped air, water, and gas that are called veils, foils and/or fairy frost. 
  • Sometimes these crystal’s external formation can also remind us of a temple with stairways and doorways. Thats not necessary but look for etchings on the sides of your stones.
  • Devic Temples are crystals with internal fracture planes that appear to be horizontal ledges and shelves when the crystal is held vertically.
  • The harmonic vibration of these quartz allows the veils between the worlds to be lifted and spiritual energies can infiltrate into the surrounding environment- a light portal of sorts
  • Devas themselves are light beings assigned to planet Earth to assist her various life forms and energies. 
  • The Sanskrit root word Devi itself translates as a goddess or ‘shining one’. So a Devic Crystal is a reminder of your own supra-normal powers of consciousness and your natural ability to reconnect with “beings of light”. 
  • Each Devic Temple is a source of great wonder and no two are the same! 


  • Helps us accept being physically here on planet Earth. Helps us to become aware of and more in tune with the problems facing this planet. Good tool for staying in touch with Earth changes
  • Useful as a telepathic communication tool. Great comforter when working with physical fears of all kinds
  • Excellent psychic energy generator and tool
  • Connects directly with Earth’s attending spirits and energies
  • A good tool for discovering Earth’s place and function in the Universe
  • Stimulates compassion and understanding for all life forms
  • Outstanding gift for the newly born
  • These crystals enable higher beings on the inner planes to connect with the material world and for human beings to contact the angels. They are reported to be Master Crystals that provide a gateway through which Angel and other spirits can enter the physical plane to help guide us.
  • symbolize inner sanctums of the self where we can find the peace and inner reflection and where communication with the self can occur. 
  • The purpose of working with these crystals is to receive higher guidance and direction that will assist us to go within and become more aware of our true identity and more connected to your own source.



  • Meditation is the key to working with a device temple, in particular shamanic journeying meditation. Because these  are temporary vehicles through which spiritual guides can find expression and offer wisdom, insight, and blessings into our lives. 
  • If you seek the wisdom of the Planet Earth and wish to understand her needs, and her gifts, use a Devic Temple meditation stone in a natural, peaceful setting to connect to the elements, devas and source energy.
  • These are perfect crystals to use when healing and religning ley lines,  and by placing them in areas of geopathic stress.
  • Devic Crystal is a reminder of your own supra-normal powers of consciousness and your natural ability to reconnect with “beings of light”. Use them to amplify and channel the energy of the divine
  • This crystal is a wonderful gift for any newborn since Devas and fairies like to bring extraordinary and miraculous gifts to infants. 
  • And Devic Crystals are, or course, great for plants of all kinds.


I recommend when choosing a devic temple crystal to use your intuition. Every piece is unique and houses a vibrational connection that will resonate personally with you.

Please feel free to pop by and see me any sunday at the busselton markets  or shop here to see which piece speaks to you

crystal blessings 


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