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One of my most asked questions is PENDULUMS!

How to use them – what to use them for and how do you choose one? 

My theory with anything crystal is go with your “intuition”. There really is not a right and wrong way to use your crystal energy but I do have some of my own handy pointers and tips. Take what you need and enjoy!

Crystal Blessings Fairy Leonie


So WHAT is a pendulum and what the ‘hey’ is dowsing??

Dowsing is a natural & ancient human ability, possibly the oldest form of divination! Dowsing with pendulums, forked twigs or dowsing rods have been used since ancient times. They are used by therapists & healers in many fields as well as used by companies to find water & oil throughout the world, sensing energy and for healing. 
Pendulums basically give us a physical external representation of our natural inner knowing.

Choosing & Using A Pendulum 

Number one Fairy Leonie “rule” Try not to over think it!
Relax & simply stand in front of a selection of pendulums, & select the first one you notice. Then ask it if it is the right one for you!


Asking a Pendulum If it’s the Right One for you

To do this, simply identify the yes/no
By asking it what its signal is for yes & then what its signal is for no. Then ask if it is a good pendulum for you to work with you. If it says yes fine, if not try another. Signals for pendulums can vary from person to person!

Using A Pendulum 

Before any energy work I believe in good psychic hygiene! So cleanse your crystal via your favourite method. I’m a big fan of smudging with white sage or if you don’t have time try placing it on a piece of selenite to cleanse and recharge! Same goes for when you have finished working with your pendulum
Get grounded! Shoes off- get comfortable and take some long deep breath’s to centre yourself. If you want to add another energy layer or two- light a candle, burn some incense or diffuse some essential oils.
Get Connected!
Hold your chosen crystal and feel the energy- take some quiet time to feel the weight of it in your hand and admire its beauty.
 Before I start work I begin by asking a question which I know to be true- so you can see whether the pendulum is giving you truthful answers. As with all spiritual tools, pendulums respond to how they are treated. If you are serious your pendulum will always give you the correct answer (be aware of how you phrase your questions).
If you treat it as a game or continually ask the same question over again it will respond accordingly! 
Pendulums can be programmed, so that you are not getting energetic interference from anywhere or anything
By first obtaining permission by asking it “May I. Can I, Should I? Then note its response.
“ I call upon my higher self to answer these questions” I seek only absolutely truthful answers, which will be correct & for the good of all”
Remember to maintain good spiritual hygiene by cleansing your pendulum of energy after each use- particularly if using for energy work, healing & or chakra work. Either by smudging or by physically wiping the energy away into the corner of a room & then cleansing the corner once you’ve completed your energy work.


My top two uses for a pendulum.

 Seeking guidance? Simple decision making made easy! Remember to be clear and concise with your questions; ambiguous questions will give you unclear answers.

Crystal healing- pendulums can be used to sense energy imbalance (carefully observe the speed and diameter of the pendulum swing as you move it over areas of a physical body or chakra)
Pendulums can be used to wind and unwind unbalanced chakras or energy points

Don’t over think it- no second-guessing

Enjoy the energy and happy dowsing




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  • Angelina on

    Hi. I have tried many times over the years to have a pendulum swing in any direction. It didn’t matter much if it as home made.A real pendulum you buy or a crystal in a cage type of thing. It didn’t move at all.Then one day I saw a clear quartz pendulum for sale from a danish Facebook seller. I said.I want that that one, although it has never worked for me. I got it home and invited her in.It is a very feminin energy that crystal pendulum has.So I named her Crysolina.She accepted. It was okay. LOL. I ask her to show me how yes look like and how no look like and she did. I sense she likes Oracle cards and Tarot cards, so I use her for that, for food things.She is very particular what topics she wants to be used for. So last night 15/5-2020, I felt like holding her in my hand and go to sleep at night with her. When I got up and was sitting on my bed.I felt like sitting quietly with my back strait and just sit and take in information that came to me. She told me to take the chain of her and put a neckless chain on her instead so I can wear her around my neck.So I am doing that. If I need to use her, I can just take off the neckless and use it. I also have a large smokey quartz pendulum. He wants to be used for cleansing. of my chakras mostly., then I got a Tiger eye.He has a very strong tiger maskuline eye energy. But i drop him on the floor, so the tip fell off, but he still works. He is more an an all around pendulum. I do not use him as often.In general, we should not be needing any tools every day for everything.We should work towards being able to be on earth with out divine help for the smallest things. All my pendulums call out to me when they want me to use them for something the want to communicate to me. I do not go grab them my self. 😊So that is how I use them. I really need very high vibrant feminin energy at this time.So that is why she is stepping forward supporting me.✌🏻❤️

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