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Corona times have meant many changes for us all. Particularly those of us who are hands on and love to touch and feel the energy of crystals. But what do you do when its not possible to have physical contact? Stay tuned as I guide you through some my basic energy sensing techniques!

Energy sensing is no mystery- in fact the more you practise it the better you will get. Every single person has the basic ability to do this , just we can feel the pulse of our own energy we can lear to sense the energy of objects animals, people and of course crystals. 


If you are new to sensing crystal energy, here are a few things to keep in mind:


  • when possible it’s best to work with cleansed and charged stone as the energies will be the strongest. My preferred methods of cleansing/charging:  using selenite wand or plate, smudging and/or the full moon.
  • there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to sense crystal energy. Do what feels right for you, as you are your best guide and will discover what works best for you and your crystal over time. 
  • Crystal energy can be very subtle or very powerful depending upon the crystal or stone, you may not ‘feel’ a connection with every crystal.
  • Because crystal energy can be subtle, sometimes it can be hard to recognise connect with straight away. 
  • Try not to get frustrated or disappointed if you have a hard time sensing the crystal energy the first few times. It can take time and practice to recognise the subtle sensations of crystal energy. The more you make a connection and practice with the crystal, the easier it becomes to feel and recognise the crystal energy.



To begin feeling and recognising your crystals energy, start by rubbing your hands together for a few seconds to activate the energy centres of your hands or “nadies”.

Choose a crystal- if your new to this i suggest starting with clear quartz is the strongest energy- as it has piezoelectric properties.


There are 2 ways you can do this -

  1. hands on 
  2. non contact ’hovering’ energy.


Hands on- hold the stone directly into your hand(s). Traditionally the left hand is the “healers” sensing energy hand. But feel free to use whichever hand feels most comfortable for you, or even both hands if you prefer. Remember, your intuition best guide and there is no wrong way to do this. 

Take a few moments to really connect and tune in to the energy. Take notice of any sensations you feel as you hold the crystal - do you feel, heat, coolness or perhaps a vibration, goosebumps or tingling?

Sensations can indicate you are picking up the energy and vibrations of the crystal.


Non contact- this is a wonderful way to choose a crystal who you have a few to look at and see which one is right for you.

Once again rub your hands together to stimulate the energy centres- hold your palms facing each other close but not touching. Can you feel the energy between them? Then  slowly move your hands apart and feel the energy between them and picture the energy as a ball or a magnet bouncing from one palm to the other. Now concentrate on the feelings between your palms, once you can feel a strong energy flow between them its time to ‘hover’ . Place your hands over your choice of crystals. You may feel a distinct variation in temperature- hot or cold or distinct vibration. One particular crystal may stand out to you or you feel your hand/hands been drawn back to. This is the crystal for you!



Sensing energy doesn’t have to be done with the hands, pendulums are a brilliant tool for sensing energy of not only a physical body, chakra energy centres but of crystals too.

For more in-depth information about pendulums please see my  "pendulum love” blog for more information.

We can use the yes no response by simply holding the pendulum over a crystal one at a time and asking it if you need that crystal.


Crystals resonate at many different frequencies, i believe we are attracted to crystals that align with what we a missing or need in our lives at certain times. These are just a few techniques you can use, but at the end of the day let your intuition guide you on your energy requirements 


wishing you crystal blessings

Leonie xxx


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