The Hidden Beauty of Window Quartz

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Lets dive a little deeper into natural quartz points!


So what is a window quartz? 

These crystals have a straight/equal obvious natural diamond shaped window on their faces. like looking through a window. 

Use for divination -be that a window into current events, emotional responses to the past of what you require NOW in this moment, or even a window to view information you may be needing to receive at the present time. Help to remove energy blockages & self imposed limitations.

If the window is slanted forward, FUTURE TIME LINK  slanted back is a PAST LIFE TIME LINK. 

Some crystals have a combination of windows. 

They are not rare but not common but are found mostly on small crystals Ive never seen one thats natural of a large point/earth keepers.

To use a Window Quartz crystal –  meditate with it. 

Gaze into the window – try not to have any expectations as to what you may see or feel. This provides the crystal with the best chance of showing you what has previously been hidden from your view

They are master assistants for anyone wishing to delve deeper into clairvoyance, scrying, psychic readings and divination in general



Right facing crystal window - masculine energy, solar-pranic energy, clarity and the future, forwards, these focus on retrieving information to possible future scenarios , relevant present lifetime. 

These crystals also allow us access possible events and information from the future to help in the present. “possible”  is because the future can/often does change as we make life changing decisions alter our current future path. These help us move forward - leaving a “stuck zone”. Maybe  emotionally/spiritually/mentally stuck in the past. 

The gentle vibration of a future time consistently hope us to move forward. Helpful to resist going back into patterns that don’t serve you.

If you want to layer the energy of these crystals up another notch by making gem elixirs – to help ground the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.



These feminine energy crystals windows lean to the left. Female crystals are softer energy and work with the luna phases and are energetically emotionally based. 

Use to focus on retrieving information from past lives that is relevant to the present lifetime. 

These crystals also allow one to access any events and information from any time in the past- ancestral links – so events not personally related. Done by hooking into the Akashic Records database. Access this information by meditating with one of these crystals.

Another gift this crystal has to share – is the ability to see past issues experienced within this lifetime – with a fresh set of eyes and understanding. Sometimes we are so emotionally invested and caught up in circumstance – we lose “sight” of what is really happening. 

These crystals can take us back to that point in time, so we may get a better understanding of how scenarios really unfolded and how they came to be. so these crystals are awesome to release emotions  for anyone holding old non-serving emotions such as anger, resentment, bitterness and sorrow.

If you are wishing to work with any of these energies I do have some points available - many have several types of window combinations in the same stone, i will intuitively choose one for you. May the quartz be with you!

Stay safe and well 

crystal blessings

Leonie x

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    How do I cleanse and charge window quartz

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